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The Logo of The Park Areas.

The Kingdom of Friends: Kings Island is a new park area planned to replace Planet Snoopy [minus the Camp Snoopy Part] at Kings Island in 2012 [RCT3] Built By Paramount Parks Inc. The Rides are:
The Monkey King's Cloud Plane: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
Kai-Lan, Princess of Friends' Scrambler: Relocating and Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
Sir Wubbzy's Treecopters: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
Kai-Lan's Beach Day/Snoopy's Splash Dance: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
Winnie the Pooh Meets Princess Kai-Lan Store: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
Tian-Tian and Xing-Xing's Junior Coaster: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
The Peach Tree: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
FANTASMIC! Gift Stall: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
Winnie the Pooh's Swing a Long: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
Restrooms: Reopening in 2012 [RCT3]
Vovic Meet and Greet: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
Camp Snoopy [Park Area]: Reopening in 2012 [RCT3]
The Fox King and The Bear Queen's Bumper Peach Cars: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]
Rintoo, Tolee, and Ho-Ho's Knight Streak: Opening in 2012 [RCT3]

The Games are Not Returning in 2012. [RCT3]


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